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I am so excited to share our recent experience with this beautiful Young girl & truly amazing Charity FC have partnered up with.

I travelled to Bali, ubud Indonesia with some of my staff aiming to learn, share love & bring awareness about some important issues that are happening. Sometimes its easy for us to loose tough with reality, we might spend too much time on instagram looking a Plastic surgery blogger…We might spend all of our pay check on aPiece of jewellery that wont actually make you feel any better… but we need to try to continue to learn about whats really going on in our world and help any way we can.
Last year i started my Charity “Freedom Couture Love Charity” aiming to support many different charities that focus on diverse topics, because i wanted to make sure we were helping support those who are briging positive changes to this world.

Freedom CoutureLove Charity partnered up with Yayasan Soleman Charity. Yayasan Soleman Charity is based in Bali who provides everyday necessities and medical care to people in Bali who Suffer from skin disease and any other unfortunate conditions.

Solemen focuses its efforts on the disadvantaged in society. They have a team of people that have been highly trained and are both dedicated and compassionate when carrying out their humanitarian work.
Hearing about a charity that does so much with such little resources really
touched our hearts hear at FC.

After getting in contact with YSC we got to learn about a beautiful young girl called Dewi.
Dewi is only 12 years old and suffers from a severe skin condition. Hearing about everything this little girl has been through losing her confidence, bullied and just having challenges at such a young age made me feel like we need to do more for children who need more help.

When we think of a 12 year old girl we think of a care free spirit about to take her steps into becoming a teenager, boys hormones makeup & new experiences.

But because of dewis skin she has to experience things a different way, and its not only her condition that makes that a reality but more often peoples lack of education on the situation.

We have all been bullied & experienced how hard it can be with girl groups in school, feeling misunderstood for the silliest things.. Its the exact same thing for Dewi.

We drove to meet Dewi & her Beautiful Family to spend the day with them,learn & give Dewi a fun makeover to pamper her for the day. We also Donated a Brand New FC wig to her so if she wanted to wear it and have hair that resembled her natural hair she could.

One of the most special parts of the day was to see Dewis Mother & Sister, to see how much they Loved her and were so amazing at caring for her.

The bright smile & positive vibes that her mother exuded even after all the extra hardships showed me her strength & dedication to giving her daughter everything she could…like any mother would.

Just simple things for Dewi like being in the sun too long were a big deal & it really touched me to see how even the simple things were a struggle.

We were overwhelmed by how much this

charity does for all of the people associated within the charity & knew that I wanted to support them more that just spending a day with the & Donating a wig.

FC has Donated Money to the Charity And Im also calling in on all of the FC family to donate also.

I know sometimes its hard to donate money because you might be stressed with your bills or own personal finances, but even something as little as $5 will be so appreciated.

If you love what we are trying to do & connected with Dewi please Donate Nothing is too small Anything you feel comfortable donating.

Please Donate anything you can so we can give it all directly to  Yayasan Soleman Charity to ensure they continue their fantastic work in the communities.

We will be Raising money for One week from Thursday 18th May 2017 till 25th May 2017.

There is a lot of pain, Suffering and heart ache that is happening in our world & i want to make sure we do as much as we can to say we helped. We need to help ,love & care for strangers as much as we would our own family, if we can start to do that we will see a massive force of positive change in our failing world.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Experience & i hope you can support FC in raising Money for Yayasan Soleman Charity.

Sending you all Love !xx

Love Mamma couture , Francesca Angela de` Mori